Marie-Pierre, David, Gisèle, Emmanuel, Marie-Josée, Paul and Vincent, who live with different forms of intellectual disabilities, respond openly to the questions that everyone asks themselves about “differences” and “normality”, about the challenges of living with a  handicap and the desire to live like everyone else, on the need to feel useful and the willingness to learn as well as the importance of loving.

Sub-titles in English, Spanish and French are available – just click on the “cc” symbol at the bottom right of the video window.

NEW, for schools:

« Pareil pas pareil » (Alike; not Alike) educational kit


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Respond to David’s communicative smile, Vincent’s tenderness, Marie-Pierre’s spontaneity, Emmanuel’s sense of humour, Marie-Josée’s questioning, Gisèle’s reflections, and Paul’s life philosophy!


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The Pareil pas pareil event site is an initiative of the AAQ in partnership with L’Arche Canada.

3 réflexions sur “English

  1. Thank you, merci. I sat here and wept – because of the beauty and truth and wisdom. They are tears of joy and of gratitude for I feel that I have been able in watching to share in something so incredibly beautiful and holy. Thank you


  2. Very well put together. Each one showed that « they » are as unique and diverse as « we » are. They seemed so comfortable and genuine sharing such intimate thoughts. They were philosophers sharing about love, pain, hopes and their value. Their disabilities faded into the background as we saw who each one is – a person of feeling and compassion.


  3. I saw this film earlier this month at the Ottawa National Art Gallery at a L’Arche screening of Love and Belonging. The flim is as beautiful as the people in it. I’ve just shared it on FB and hope that many others will be as touched as I was. Bless you all.


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